Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Is All You Need

Hello there, Sarah reporting here! I have been busy playing with Valentine's Day cards, and I have one to share with you today! I have loved the color combo of pink & gray since I was little, so I really love the Garment District line! There are some really pretty gray elements that have pretty pink accents so those are the colors I used ;) I think it turned out pretty sharp with the contrast of the white!

I really love these colors especially because they're not traditional Valentines colors! Spice things up a little...

I used some of the Junque & Gems along with a few other tidbits I had on my desk!

I adore this little love snippet from the Mad Tea Party line! Cutest vintage font!

I hope I inspired you to create some Valentines! Or even just a card to let someone know you love them and are thinking about them ;) Thanks for hangin out today and have a beautiful day!
Love, Sarah