Monday, January 19, 2015

Splatter Fun with Marion's Color Lab!!

Hello All!

Keri here and today I want to show you a quick and fun new way to use your pigment powders from your Color Lab collection.

Today, we are going to make funky, splatter-painted flower!

All you need is:

Paper Flower
Color Lab Pigments of your Choice
Small Paint Brush
Water Bottle

Step 1

Start with your "naked" flower and your first color.

Dip the tip of your brush in your powder (it takes VERY little) and then lightly tap your brush over your flower. You will barely be able to see your dust. 

Step 2

Next...grab your water bottle.

LIGHTLY mist over your flower. Do not directly spray your flower or the colors particles will mix together. Try spraying from above your project to allow the water to kind of flutter down.

You can experiment with whether or not to add more powder and repeat the process or if you want to spray it a couple more times to allow the existing spots to "grow."

I decided I wanted to add another color!

Step 3

Before I added my second color, I completely dried my flower with a heat gun. I did this so that my color wouldn't become over saturated and my second color wouldn't mingle too much with my blue...allowing both colors to remain somewhat separate. 

I repeated steps 1 and 2 again, this time with my red Color Lab pigment powder.

This was my fun and funky results!

You can have lots of fun experimenting with color combos. You can see that even though I only used 2 colors, I ended up with light blues, dark blues, purples and my red.

Here's a close up:

Hello 1982!! LOL.

I love my funky little flower!

I can't wait to see what you do with this technique! It can easily be used for making mixed media or scrapbooking backgrounds, as well as on other products to make your own, personalized embellishments.

Until next time...


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