Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Handmade Flowers

Hello everyone!

We absolutely love using flowers in our projects, so we thought we would share some of our handmade florals with you today! We hope you like and try them!

By: Marion Smith

Start with white Crepe paper and mist it to the desired color.
fold the paper several times and cut out a petal shape
all at once from the folded crepe paper

Pinch the pointed end

Punch out a circle and glue the tips of your petal to the edge and smash down.

Start a second layer, placing the petal further into the center of your circle.
Position your second layer petals in between your bottom layer petals.

Roll up some crepe paper misted yellow.

Cut slits into the rolled paper, be careful not to cut at an angle.

Cut the excess end off.

Pinch and roll the end.

Spread the strips out and smash down the center.

Glue to the center of your flower.

Roll out a crepe paper ball.

Mist the color of choice and cover the ball with a piece of crepe paper.

Pinch and roll the end and cut off excess.

Glue to the center of your flower.

Fold a piece of green misted crepe several times.

Cut out leaf shapes and pinch the pointed end.

Glue leaves behind your bloom and you are all set!!

Flower 2 By: Marion Smith

This carnation flower is super simple, my Mom taught me this when I was a little girl, and you can bet these flowers were made for party decorations all the time in our house! 

Start with a folded piece of crepe paper, it can be as long as you like because you can cut the excess of later and keep using the same roll.

Freehand cut a scallop edge.

Gather your crepe paper on the straight edged side pinching tightly. 

Keep pinching and gathering around until you have a nice size pom pom.

pinch the back real tight and glue some leaves to the back.

By: Sarah Bargo

By: Maggie Armstrong


By: Ana Paula Leal

By: Angela Butler

By: Tonya Gibbs

Such great flowers from all the design team members. 

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