Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Araceli from the planner creative team

Hello, Ara here. Today I am showing you how I use the sweet life weekly inserts in my Heart of Gold planner . For this week I used the inserts for all my "home to dos" (AKA: housework).  I have been scared to use vertical inserts because I write pretty big, but hot damn, THESE  are nice!! I will continue to use these for sure! Look at all that space, plenty of writing space and decorating space.

Here is close up. I use the date seals as a little checkbox so that I can mark it off once I have completed that task.

Another Close up: The  journaling area to the right is where I will be jotting down Items that we need from the grocery store throughout the week. 

I used the Purple heart checklist as a "to call" note. I added alphas stickers and hole punched it to add into my planner. 

That is all for today friends, Don't forget if you would like to see more of how I use this planner, check out my: Instagram. Until next time, bye bye. 

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