Thursday, October 29, 2015

Simple Gift Bag from Shanna

Hello to you all today! Shanna here with a little quick bit of inspiration for you. 

Yes I said quick. This week became crazy busy as my husband came home because last minute he got a weekend off which totally threw off my agenda. However, being the mom I am got to thinking ahhh how can I create something that will inspire people to create on the fly but be super simple, super cute, and really quick. 

I decided to head to my stash of things to alter and I had this little bag from a bag set I bought. You can find these in any party section of craft stores or where they keep bags and envelopes and such. 

I opened it up and added Distress Ink all to the side. Then I grabbed my papers and cute them down to fit. Then I had a lightbulb idea! 

I fussy cut out these flowers from the paper.... and then I cut a strip out creating my own banner from the ... paper. Then I used a stamp from my stash that basically explained who the bag was for. 

The longest part of this of course was the flower fussy cut but I just thought it was so perfect and so cute and great because my daughter's birthday will be here in just 2 days so what better way to sneak her some jewelry our candy!

So give some gift bags a personal touch and have fun!

Items Used:
Posh Collection - Brooklyn 
Posh Collection - Ritzy

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