Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lindsay from Planner Creative Team: Planning 2016

new year. new style. new planners.
if you're anything like me, you REALLY like planners.
i have a lot of planners, and i'm not someone who can "switch them up" every week or two. I feel like I need to be using all of them all of the time.
something i really love about marion's planners, is the fact that the inserts come undated.
this allows me to use the planner at my own pace, using it for days that are important for my schedule.

as you can see, the inserts already have some flare to them, with a floral print down the sides, and coloured sections for dates.

her monthly inserts are also undated, with a cute floral scene in the background.

there is plenty of room to write things inside each box, and as you can see, each month there is space for six weeks of monthly planning.

stickers are a really easy, functional, and cute way to enhance your plans.

i like to decorate my pages with washi tape and stickers. the open space in these inserts allows for plenty of creativity and personalization. marion also has an adorable line of stamps (that i forgot at home when i moved back up to university), but they would look really cute in your planner. stamps are great for planning because unlike stickers, they never run out :)

the final product is something personal, fun, but also functional. i find that planning (in this beautiful fashion) is like simplified scrapbooking (but without the photos). it is a great memory-keeper!

show me how you use your heart of gold (or other marionsmithdesigns) planner by tagging me on instagram! my account is @lindsayplans.
I can't wait to see your beautiful pieces of artwork!
happy planning,
XO lindsay


  1. I'm so stuck on decorating my planner. Can you point me in a direction to planning?

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  3. does anyone know how I can get refill pages for my planner. thank you! there are no refills on amazon :(