Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mini album by Sandra - Part 1

Good Morning!

Sandra here today with a mini album that I was working on, it suppose to be nearly 50 pages but because of the embellishments I wouldn't be able to close it or finish it the way I wanted, however I'm very happy with the result and I have enjoyed making it with such a gorgeous products from Marion.

I have plenty of photos for you, and because it has a lot of details I'm only going to share the first couple of pages, the second part should be here later in November!

Did I say how much I love Marion's roses? her products do get on well with any brand which let's me to mix and match the way I think goes perfect together!

I love this pink rose, shame they all gone now! I think I need to speak to Marion! <3

here's the first page, yes , I know! I couldn't take better photo! the album is just full of extras!

page 2, yes pink rose again! even if it is a boy, it doesn't matter right? (I hope!) and some butterflies, not really fun of butterflies but for a while they don't want to leave me alone (if you know what I mean! :D)

closer look:

next page:

page 3, yes, again more butterflies and also this beautiful bird from Marion.

and some closer look:

next page:

page 4, kept it simple, well, just to try something different!

closer look:

next page:

it's only a closer look, because I was sure I took a photo of full page but then it wasn't there! it's rainy and dark so I can't take a good quality photo of it again (I hope you don't mind!)

last page for this post (more later on in November):

and closer look:

I hop you have enjoyed your visit today, and I hope you will come back for more!




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