Thursday, October 29, 2015

Simple Gift Bag from Shanna

Hello to you all today! Shanna here with a little quick bit of inspiration for you. 

Yes I said quick. This week became crazy busy as my husband came home because last minute he got a weekend off which totally threw off my agenda. However, being the mom I am got to thinking ahhh how can I create something that will inspire people to create on the fly but be super simple, super cute, and really quick. 

I decided to head to my stash of things to alter and I had this little bag from a bag set I bought. You can find these in any party section of craft stores or where they keep bags and envelopes and such. 

I opened it up and added Distress Ink all to the side. Then I grabbed my papers and cute them down to fit. Then I had a lightbulb idea! 

I fussy cut out these flowers from the paper.... and then I cut a strip out creating my own banner from the ... paper. Then I used a stamp from my stash that basically explained who the bag was for. 

The longest part of this of course was the flower fussy cut but I just thought it was so perfect and so cute and great because my daughter's birthday will be here in just 2 days so what better way to sneak her some jewelry our candy!

So give some gift bags a personal touch and have fun!

Items Used:
Posh Collection - Brooklyn 
Posh Collection - Ritzy

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Junque GYPSY layout "Happy" with Yuko

Hi!Yuko here.
Today,I will shear my layout use my favorite picture!

I use paper shiries of  /Romance Novel Ch.2/GARMENT DISTRICT.

Cut out the butterfly is a very good accent!

It was an afterthought cuteness by using the pink❤

<Marion Smith>
Junque GYPSY  Faux Pas/Nota Bene

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Araceli From The Planner Creative Team

Hi! Today I am sharing my weekly layout using Heart of Gold Note Page inserts. This week I decided I wouldn't restrict myself to a Monday-Friday Schedule, giving me the freedom to complete the tasks whenever I feel like it, lol.

I decorated the page using stickers, stencils, labels, washi tape. I then used the marion smith Planner Stamps & the Date Seals.
On the right side of my weekly layout, I left a section blank for anything that may pop up during the week. I can easily jot the info down. 

I like to use the notepads in my planner. I hole punch them and insert them into my week. 

I used the Purple heart checklist note pad & a Journaling card that came in theScrap Pack. . I use one for errands/places to go and the other for items I need to buy.

Well that is all I have for you today. If you would like to see more inpiration layouts/etc. You can find me on INSTAGRAM. Until next time, bye bye

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Shadowbox by Yasmin Tölche

Hello all! It's getting closer and closer to Halloween and I've made a halloween decoration with the Marion Smith Designs "Wicked Times" Collection. I love it!

I have to say I do adore making these shadowboxes and gluing all sorts of nicknacks into them. This one was just so fun to make!

This is little shadowbox with trinkes ready to decorate my house. I've added papers for the "Wicked Times" collection to the background and glued loads of junque and gems to accent my piece. The sceleton is the coolest thing ever and are dangeling loosley in front of the box. The flowers are Marion Smith Designs and the small little brown bottle is also a junque and gems.

I can't say it enough the sceleton is just way cool. I've painted the whole box with black gesso, Then I added colorlab pigment into white gesso to make the orange and the purple paints. I covered the whole piece with crackle paint. I'm still unsure if that was the right move. What do you guys think. 

Anyways.. Hope you have a fantastic halloween celebration! Thanks for joining me here today! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Witch Hat by Irene Tan

Hi Marion Smith Design friends! It's Irene here and time for me to share a little spooky project. I've created a Halloween witch hat decor using Marion Smith Designs' Wicked Times collection.

Besides the fun pattern papers, I've decorated this hat with some flowers, ribbon, twine and crystals.

Supplies Used:
Haunted, Eerie, Come Hither, Raven/Wicked Times

See you all soon!
xx Irene Tan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Altered Wooden Box from Shanna

Hey y'all. I am excited to be the one to inspire you today. 

I decided to reach into my bin of things to alter and I grabbed this wooden box. 

I decided to "Junque" it up.

So I decided to use several to paint the box with a cream acrylic paint and then covered the box with Junque Gypsy papers.

All the papers with roughed up on the edges then inked with Distress Ink. I used cardboard to layer the lid giving it some dimension. 

Then I cut some pieces for the inside and did the same thing. 
However, for the inside I added a little saying. I also add some lovely Petaloo flowers. 

My favorite part was adding some extra gold trim around the edges to match the gold latches and hinges on the box.

Items Used:

Sunday, October 11, 2015

GARMENT DISTRICT mini album Yuko

Hello!Yuko here!
Today,I will share mini album use GARMENT DISTRICT paper.
I'm very fun  this paper!

The shape of this paper (like a card) was utilized just as it is.

I bound a page with a brochure stitch.

【marion Smith】

Thank you❤


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Use your stash: Florence from the Creative Planner Team

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. I was inspired to do next weeks layout with items I already had in my planner. I'm not sure about you, but I fill my pockets with goodies. Tons of it. And what I've noticed is yes they look great filled for photo opportunities but why not use this supply on my actual weekly layout. So I pulled a few things out of their pockets and got to work. 

One of the items on the week on two pages layout that I have been loving is these daily hearts. I want to track my steps, vitamins, bible studying, photo deletions, and journaling. This is a great way to check off your daily to do list in such a simple way. 

Dust off what you have in your stash and put it into use! You'll be surprised what you can do with a few stickers. Until next time!

Florence Antonette

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Araceli from the Creative Planner Team.

Hello,  Today I wanted to show you how I used the Heart of Gold Note Paper. I used it as a weekly spread. I pulled out some stickers, stencils, washi tape to decorate the page. It turned out purrrty! 

As you can see I used the planner stamps & the date seals on my layout. I really liked how this spread turned out.

I use the Sweet Life Macaron stack note pad for my list. I decorated the sheet with washi, stickers and stencils.  I like to keep a little list attached to my weekly spreads to jot down things that I need to buy.  Well that is all for this week, until next time. -Ara

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mini Shadowbox by Yasmin Tölche

Hello everyone! It's Yasmin on the blog today here at Marion Smith Designs and I have a mini Shadowbox to share with you. Sometimes I do love making these small altered projects. Even though they take as much time making a big one.

I've used papers on the back of the shadowbox from the junque gypsey line. I also cut out a butterfly wing and stuck it behind the cameo. The bottles are from MSD alon with the golden gem key in the front. Itsn't it beautiful? 

To add loads of texture I added pearls and microbeads to the flowers and compartments. I really like this type of texture. The bottles are perfecly small and lovely to add glassbeads, sand and embossing powder.

Thank you so much for joing me here today at the MSD blog :) 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Study Abroad With MSD Planner

Hi everyone! I sincerely apologize for my delayed blog post, but I promise to make up for it with extra words and photos.

So the reason for my delayed post is that I am currently in Lyon, France, studying French abroad for my final year of university. For this reason, my life is actually busier than it usually is. There is much fun to be had here, but the studying abroad also comes with much stress and anxiety.

My planner is currently set up with a MSD dashboard and some planner accessories including journaling cards, custom paperclips, and MSD notepad pages.

I am continuing to use my MarionSmithDesigns planner as a weekly/daily/list planner. I use the inserts to write down important things I have going on and need to do/complete by the end of the day.

I like using a planner to hold all of my todo lists and tasks to keep them in the same location. This has proved to work really well for me, because previously, I would write my todo lists on cute notepads, rip off the sheet, and lose it somewhere between my desk, purse, and car. Having all of my lists (granted they cannot be too extensive in the weekly layout) is a really convenient way for me to use my planner!

I especially like how Marion designs unlined inserts for more freedom while writing. This allows for me to plan and decorate as I desire, without any limitations. I generally use stickers to embellish the pages, but Marion's inserts are already so cute, they would still look great with handwriting only!

I particularly love the DIY checklist at the bottom of the inserts. I have been using this to track 5 different weekly things. 1) exercise 2) water consumption 3) days I wash my hair (I'm trying really hard to only do every second day!) 4) days I purchase lunch at the cafeteria on campus and 5) days I spend money on my lunch or dinner.

When travelling, I use my MarionSmith Designs planner to keep track of all events, plans, and activities going on. I also keep my passport in the pocket at the front. When I'm on the go, I also stick my maps in these pockets as well. I find this easier than throwing them into my purse because I know that they are tucked away safely in their own individual pocket.

This is the back of my heart of gold MSD planner, where there are more pockets! All of the pockets in this planner is a feature that I would't be able to live without! I use these pockets to hold some of my functional stickers for jazzing up my planner pages.

Thanks so much for reading, and I will be back soon! In the meantime, you can follow my Instagram account @lindsayplans for more photos of how im currently using my MSD planner!