Saturday, May 16, 2015

Florence from the Creative Planner Team

Happy Saturday everyone! Florence here from the Creative Planner team and I wanted to introduce myself along with show you goodies inside my planner pockets and an unboxing video. 

A little about me: I am known as @livelifeandcreate on Instagram. I showcase planner decor and any sort of creative paper crafting ideas. I started getting into planning about a year and a half ago and never thought I would make a difference to thousands of people. It's mind blowing at times to think how huge the planner community is. Some people may see it as not a big deal- but it's a hobby that has boomed. 

As many people have gone digital, there are others who still document their days pen to paper. These days ladies (and maybe some gents too) turn their weeks into works of art with embellishments. The essentials of a planner addict: 
- Washi Tape
- Sticky notes
- Stickers
- Page flags
- Note Pads
- Pens
- Stamps & Ink
- Paper Clips

Everyone is individually unique which I love about this community. As we further into the month I hope to show you more of how I stay organized in my heart of gold planner- which is gorgeous by the way. I hope you enjoy the creative team unboxing video as well as my pocket eye candy. 

- Florence

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