Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Bookmark by Irene Tan

Hi Marion Smith Designs fans! It's Irene here. Time really flies and we're on the countdown towards year 2016! When I thought of today's blog post, the first think that came to my mind is creating a resolution book. But I'm sure everyone is doing that at this time. Therefore, I think I want to create something a different. I want to create a little something that I will use for the year 2016 and it will remind me of one of my resolution.

With that, I've created a little bookmark which says "typewriter". This little bookmark will reminds me to document down my sweet, sour and bitter experiences in 2016.

This is just a little idea for you all and I'm going to create a few more to remind me throughout 2016. It will be a perfect little reminder for someone who loves to read or love keeping a planner.

Supplies Used:
Sweet Something, Forever/Romance Novel Ch. 2 

Hope you all are inspired and Happy 2016!!!
xx Irene Tan


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