Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introducing Garment District & Junque & Gems! In stores soon!

I am so excited to show you
my latest lines, Garment District and Junque & Gems!
These lines have a bit of everything you need to document your
life and all of it's occasions!
I hope you love it, and please make sure to contact your favorite retailer
to get your hands on it. 
Leave us a comment telling us what your favorite products are!
Have a fantastic week!

Mixed Resins

New! Garment District 12x12 Papers also available in 6x6!


For Wholesale information please
Phone: (209) 985-1539


  1. inlove for those fabulous products!

  2. I absolutely love All of your creations.

  3. Pick ONE?! Are you serious, Marion?! LOL You know I couldn't! But if I HAVE to, I will say..... Mixed Resins! Awesome release! :)

  4. WOW!!!!! Love all of this!!! I want it all!

  5. I absolutely love the mixed resins, cannot wait to play!! The papers are stunning too!

  6. I love these! My local store won't even order in Prima! Where can I order these online?

    1. You can google the line and find many online stores, but this release does not hit the store until next week. Also we are in no way affiliated with Prima.

  7. These are it all!!!!

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