Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vintage Halloween Treat Hanger

Happy Thursday! Sarah reporting here with a super fun and easy Halloween project! My favorite part of Halloween is, of course, the treats! And I love creating different & fun ways to hide treats from my kids display our treats all throughout the house.  I love love love old vintagey Halloween decorations, so when I was presented with the challenge of creating something Halloweeny with the new Marion Smith "Nirvana" Collection, I was super excited! It has a beautiful vintage feel to it.  Here's what I came up with;

I took the "Cloud 9" paper from the Nirvana Collection, my favorite background stamp, and some black ink and stamped the image all over the paper, creating my background.

Then just cut or tear the paper apart after stamping all over it, and mod podge the pieces randomly all over a paper mache cone. It should look something like this;

Then cut out one of the large clocks from the "Family Record" paper, and using black streamers or crepe paper put a fringe around the back edge of it so it sticks out from behind it. (I also added some at the top with some silver tinsel trim which kind of looks like a funny hair cut?!)
Then you basically just layer fun cute things that you want over top of that, and then create a handle out of some ribbon! I used a silver die cut star and an old die cut circle from my stash that says Happy Halloween...

I Love the stamped background!

Using your paper trimmer, slice some old sheet music or book paper into thin strips and crinkle it, creating an awesome filler!

And that's it! I hope this got your wheels turnin and gave you bunches of ideas to make your own. When I was making it, all kinds of ideas were going through my head! I'll probably have one on every door knob in my house now haha!
Here are the papers I used (the ones on the right)

Thanks for hangin out today!
Love, Sarah


  1. wow ....this is yummy :) perfect for my apartment ;)

  2. Sarah this is fab! I love Mussy Tussies. Great job

  3. Love this. And love how your stamped on the PP.

  4. Sarah this is a perfect vintage tussie...oh how I love the olde feel!! so pretty thanks for sharing...:)

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