Sunday, December 15, 2013

Handmade Embellishments Part II

And welcome to December - my favourite season of the year!  So much going on at the moment, with kids finishing school for the summer and Christmas being nearly here!  Here in New Zealand we are enjoying the sunshine and all the outdoor activities that go with it!

But still, there is always time for a little crafting!  As promised, I want to share with you another technique for creating your own handmade embellishments - this time using paper scraps and those orphaned bits of chipboard that I think we all have in abundance - sitting unused in a drawer somewhere!

Pull out a selection of shapes and sizes, and try to pair them up.  For example, with this 'motley' collection I decided to team the heart and the tag together, the small flower and circle, the 2 ovals together and I used a chipboard key (not shown here as I changed my mind at the last minute - after all - isn't that a women's perogative?!!)

To start with, I painted the base shape black, including the edges.  Then I picked out some left over scraps from the Mad Tea Party and Nirvana ranges to cover the top chipboard layer.

To cover chipboard with paper, I trace the shape onto the paper, cut around it, glued to chipboard and sand the edges to get a clean look.

I then assembled the pieces together, using a good strong glue to adhere them to one another.  Lastly, out came the gold patina wax to add a little age and shimmer to the pieces.

I love to keep a little stash of these embellies on hand, they are perfect to use as gap fillers on a layout or a card front.  Here is a closer look at each one...


Thanks for stopping by the Marion Smith Designs blog today.  Stay tuned for the third and final instalment of Handmade Embellishments!




  1. brilliant idea using up those scraps - the touch of gold just finishes them off beautifully!

  2. Beautiful use of bits and pieces..

  3. Thanks Maggie these are gorgeous

  4. Oh my Maggie these are simply amazing....I am digging in my stash and start making embellishments now....thanks

  5. Those look great. It's a great idea to have handmade embellishments on hand when we do our projects. Thanks for sharing, Johanne Lacombe