Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Well hello there! Ummm it's almost Christmas yikes! I love it but why does it have to come and go so quickly? I had this perfect plan in my noggin that I was going to have a cookie decorating party with the little ones in my family, buuuuut it didn't exactly happen sadly to say. Soooo onto what I like to call, Plan B. I utilize that quite often around the holidays. (Okay all year but whatever.)  I am now going to host a cookie decorating pahty in January, so we are going to go with a wintery-snowflakey-icy feel. I wanted to create little favor bags of course because what party is good without them?! I bought this really cute ice skate die and I have been making cards with them, but I thought why not just make one into a favor bag tag?! I thought Marion's gorgeous minty "Wonderland" paper would be oh so fitting, so I die cut that out with the ice skate die, dressed it up pretty and this is how it came out;

Looks fancy doesn't it? All it is is the ice skate slapped onto a white lunch bag with a doily and a clothes pin. Voila!
Grab your favorite snowflake stamp and heat emboss them with white powder on to the skate (which I am OBSESSED with white powder right now);

Wind a silvery pipe cleaner as the "lace,"

Throw on  a bow with a jingle bell, because what skate wouldn't be perfect without a bell?!
Super easy but still packs a fancy punch! I know if I was a youngin and received this, I would have been like wow someone loves me!  ;)
Imagine a beautiful party table all set up and these bags all clustered together, wouldn't that be gorgeous? All sparkly?! Woohoo!
Thank you so much for hangin out and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Love, Sarah xoxo
P.S. Here is the Wonderland paper;