Saturday, September 14, 2013

flower tutorial by Ana Paula- PAPERBOARD FLOWER

This is a recycled flower with a rustic look .
 It´s very easy to do and with low cost. 

I created a gift box using the Nirvana Collection and 
embellished using this beautiful flower.

Step 01- Cut  3 circles of different sizes from a piece of paperboard from an old box.

Step 02 - Separate  and peel the layers of the paperboard 
keeping the center of the circle united.
Step 03 - Apply spray paint in the desired color, 
you can use water to crumple the paperboard like a little ball.
Step 04 - Hasten the drying process in the microwave for 30 seconds
 and  gently open the layers.
 With a paper piercer, make a "hole" and add a large  brad in the center.
 Step 05-Then arrange the "petals" and  with a paint brush add some white water paint
 to give an effect of light on the flower.


  1. This is GREAT!!! I have a mot of scrap pieces of cardboard ... just one more thing in my Craft Junk box! LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing...the color palette is talking to me...really love every detail!

  3. Great technique - i love using those scraps for beautiful embellies!

  4. Great Job! Lovin the colors! I have been keeping those scraps too! know I know what to do with them.. :)

  5. Lindo, lindo, lindo!!!
    beijos do Brasil

  6. Wowza this is so cool! It turned out soo neat, thanks for the great idea! xoxo