Sunday, September 1, 2013

Creating A Faux Antique Wallpaper Cover On A Mini Album by Kim Price

Hi guys. Today I wanted to call in and share with you a few tips on how to recreate a cool antique wallpaper texture for a mini book or album cover on your own project.

Firstly you will want to gather some supplies together which I have pictured and listed below. Please remember that you can improvise with the things you already have at home if you do not have the exact same product I am using and I will make a few suggestions so you get the idea.


- smooth white cardstock
- a Cuttlebug Jamara embossing folder or similar product such as Sizzix Texture Fades in a design of your choice
- a Cuttlebug or similar machine capable of embossing ie. Big Shot
- Impasto Medium or texture paste, any brand is fine
- palette knife or plastic knife
- Prima Distress Tool or nail file, emery board, sandpaper
- old paintbrush - I like to use a flat strong bristled brush for this kind of thing, the older the better
- clear gel adhesive or similar ie. Helmar 450 is perfectly fine
- matte acrylic paint in your choice of color plus an antique brown shade
- heavy chipboard book covers either pre-purchased or cut your own from larger chipboard sheets. Mine measure approximately 6x6 inches

Run your white cardstock through your embossing machine using a pattern of your choice making sure one of the edges of the cardstock lines up with one of the edges of your folder as shown.

Flip the embossed cardstock to the reverse side and using your palette knife, gently scrape an even amount of impasto into the recesses of the design. This will help the embossed texture to keep its shape over time and not flatten out with wear and tear. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Apply an even coat of liquid adhesive to your chipboard base - you don't need loads of adhesive, just enough to ensure a good bond , then carefully adhere your embossed cardstock to the chipboard ensuring the edges line up. Smooth the surface gently with your fingers to remove any trapped air.

Trim any excess cardstock from around the edges of your chipboard base, then gently distress the edges with your distress tool. 

You can now paint a coat of your favourite color matte paint over the cardstock, allow this to dry and then roughly brush the edges of your book cover with beige colored paint for an instant antique look.

I have used Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber in Pool to color my album, but this would look equally as  beautiful done in a nice shade of pink or peach, sage green, lemon, antique white. Even black would look amazing!

Thank you for calling in today, I hope you find some inspiration and create your own book covers using this embossing technique.


  1. Awesome technique thanks for sharing. I love your book - So beautiful.

  2. Never thought about reinforcing the embossed area! What a fabulous idea Kim!!!!! Great tutorial!!!

  3. kim, love it, i am adding this one to my bucket list

  4. This is gorgeous! Such a great idea too, never thought of the added strength in the back. Genius! xoxo

  5. This is gorgeous! Such a great idea too, never thought of the added strength in the back. Genius! xoxo