Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fake Carved title tutorial by Ana Paula Leal

This is an easy and versatile technique.
You can apply it in your scrapbooking layouts with a thicker base as chipboard
 or in a cover of a mini album like I did. 
 You can find it easily in your Local Scrapbooking store to customize-it. 
The title can be a wordlet and must be in wood, MDF or a thicker chipboard.

Using a great adhesive power glue, apply the title in the desired surface.

Cover with gesso all the surface.
 You can use a paint brush to paint the corners and the inner of the letters.
Use a great amount of gesso to assure the piece will be completely covered.

Choose 2 contrasting colors of Glimmer mist or any spray paint
 and apply for all the surface 
Wait until the paints  dry.
 ( I used the colors Denim blue and Rose tea from Glimmer mist.) 

Repeat the process in the back of the mini album.
 Look how cool this effect is! It looks like marble.

With a paint roller and  little bit of white paint,
 you can paint the title .
This way you will get a light effect.
 Do it on the corners of a mini album or
 in the background of a scrapboking layout.

Stamp all the cover using stamps of backgrounds or small motifs.
 Layer the motifs creating new patterns all over the surface.

The desired effect here is a fake sculpture.
It seems that the title was carved on the paper.
You can use swirls and any piece in chipboard
 to create different effects and results.

For the inner pages I used the beautiful papers from the Nirvana collection. 
This mini album  is a gift  for a friend of mine
 to register a trip with small pictures and some notes.