Monday, April 7, 2014

Seed Packet

Happy Monday woot woot! Sarah's in the houuuse! I am so thankful it is Spring! There are so many wonderful things about Spring such as fresh air, coffee on the front porch, and gardening! I love gardening! There is something about going outside, working your fingers in the cool dirt, and seeing a tiny little seed produce something delicious to eat or a vibrant flower that is not only beautiful, but it attracts beautiful butterflies! How awesome is that?! This inspires me to create garden themed gifts to give, and one of the most fun and easy kind is a seed packet. I just love giving little trinkets when I see people and this is a good one, especially to someone who gardens ;) In the new line Never Grow Up, there is a sheet of paper that has a pocket type design that you cut out, and it looks like this;

Just cut the pocket out, fold it, and embellish!
I lined the inner part of the flap with a  different patterned paper,

And created a cute tag to slide inside!

Did you see the blog hop with Petaloo last week? There was so much beautiful inspiration wowza! I had a few flowers left over so I used them on this!
Aren't they beautiful? Almost look real! They were the perfect addition to this seed packet! Now it looks super fancy schmancy!

The possibilities are endless! I hope this inspires you to make your very own seed packets! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Sarah, this is adorable! Your right, seeds are a great little gift to share, you could easily add sentiments like "You make my heart blossom" or "Forget Me Not". And turn these into cards too with the little seeds inside. So inspiring thanks!

  2. Sarah....WOWZEROOOOOOOONIE...this is ABSOLUTELY amazing and your use of the Petaloo flowers....DIVINE!