Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meet the Design Team | Irene & Keri

Welcome to day two of Meet the Design Team. Introducing our two senior artists, Irene Tan and Keri Sallee!

Irene Tan
Senior Artist

My name is Irene Tan or better known as "Scrapperlicious." I am a mother of two and I have the most wonderful family that always supports me in pursuing my passion. 

Scrapbooking to me is really about family and life. There's nothing more fun and inspiring than to scrap photographs capturing the everyday moments of our loved ones. My scrapping motto has always been "Scrap with your heart and don't forget to have fun too!"

I officially started scrapbooking in March 2007 and a couple of months later, in June, I discovered an absolute love of stamping and inking. I don't really know how to describe my style of scrapping. However, others had told me that my style is ephemera/distressed. 

I'm excited to be part of the DT for Marion Smith Designs and can't wait to see what the outcome is when I combine their beautiful products into my creations. 

You can find Irene here:

Keri Sallee
Senior Artist

I have always had a love for all things creative from writing and cooking to music and art. I started, like so many, dabbling in Creative Memories when my son was born almost 11 years ago. It was pages of rounded corners and sticker vomit, but after a while I began to wonder if there was more to "scrapbooking" than this simplistic style. So I started spending time online and at a local scrapbook store finding out what else was out there. I started finding a beautiful world of textures, colors, messy fun inks and paints, and so much more than where I had come from. 

And that is how I live my creative life…always looking for ways to challenge myself and create something new. 

I have been married to the hottest red-head on the planet for almost 12 years and am the mother to 3 fabulous and funny kiddos ages 10, 6, and 4. Last year I quit my job as the Creative Coordinator at my local scrapbook store so that I could spend more time with my family and more time on my craft. 

If you ask me what my motto in life is, I would have to say there are two…

(1) Picasso once said "Inspiration does exists, but it must find you working." I strive everyday to not just THINK creatively, but to put those thoughts into my hands and make something of them.

(2) Genesis 1:1…The first five words in the Bible are "In the Beginning GOD Created…" For me it is a constant reminder that I am only able to do what I do because GOD first created me. 

You can find Keri here:

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