Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stamping gold with the Curious Stamps set.

Good Morning Lovelies! 

Keri Sallee here and I am so excited to share my project with you today.

I LOVE any project that incorporates vintage music, so I wanted to bring together Marion's Fabulous Stamps with some vintage sheet music I found at a local thrift store (for a quarter!) 

The process is SUPER simple, but the effect is magical.

Here's what you need:

Marion Smith Designs "Curious" Stamps

White Gesso
Embossing Ink 
Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
Water Colors
Vintage Sheet music
Heat Gun

Paint your desired area of your vintage sheet music with gesso. Allow to dry completely before continuing. (A heat gun can speed this up.) 


Grab your embossing ink, embossing powder and the large flower from Marion's "Curious" stamp set. 


Ink you stamp and then stamp onto your dried gesso. Make sure to give even pressure so you get a good image. Just a little warning: embossing ink is a little slicker than regular ink, so just be careful. 

While the ink is still wet, sprinkle with your embossing enamel, coating well. Lightly pat it down and then shake the excess back into your container. Use your heat gun to melt you embossing enamel. Watch how close you get your gun to your project...too close and it will blow away your powder and distort your image...too far and the enamel powder will not melt. 


Next: add COLOR! I chose water colors, but you could fill in your image with acrylic, inks or even color pencils. What's great is that the UTEE acts as a barrier, so there is almost no way to mess up! (BONUS!!)

Lastly, add your your title. I used the word stamp from the "Curious" stamp set. I felt like the black ink would get a little lost in the blue background, so I added a small swipe of white gesso the size of my title, allowed it to dry and then stamped my title. 

I hope you enjoyed my project today and I can't wait to see what it inspires you to create!

Have a blessed day and remember...make your art intentional in your life...not an after thought.




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