Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Alice Apron By Rita Barakat

Hello everyone! I have a fun little treat for you today! Take a look at this awesome Alice Apron that Rita Barakat painted for me at CHA. I love how beautiful and colorful it is. Make sure to stop by Rita's blog to see other projects she's done. 
Thanks Rita!
Hey hey crafty peeps!
Vacation is over and I am getting back on schedule!
Catching up on blogging and all those social media things- so much information
it makes my head spin! All I want to do is create! So here goes!
This is an apron from Marion Smith Designs new canvas collection.
I got this apron from Marion at CHA, she wanted an Alice painted on it.
 There is not a lot of down time for me at these shows, I had 40 minutes before the show started to pull something together!
So gesso first (of course I was in the Faber -Castell Design Memory Craft booth.)
Then a rough drawing and some Gelato.
 More color with Gelatos and a wet paint brush to blend.
 This is pretty close to being finished and I got it done in 38 minutes!
However I didn't until now that I did not get a  picture of it finished! ( I hate when I do that!)
Well now I have to admit that
I am a bit of a perfectionist. It just didn't look enough like Alice to me so I had to make some changes...
 So when I got home I started with the eyes- I wanted them to be a bit rounder,
making her more cartoonish.
 Gesso is a great medium for starting over!- I fixed her eyes, her collar and her bangs!
Added more Gelatos and my own paint brushes. (It's nice to use your own tools.) I use PITT pens in the blacks of her eyes.
 Blending with water.
 Yes - I like this much better.
 When you have more than 38 minutes you can do highlights.
(gesso mixed with Gelatos) Tip - I dip a very sharp pencil in gesso for the light i her eyes and lips.
 As time was now on my side, I was  able to draw some backgrounds;
Like singing flowers.
  Hearts and patterns...
 This is how the Gelato mixed with water looks without priming the canvas apron
with gesso- it seeps into the fabric. I colored the hearts with Gelatos then spread the color with a wet paintbrush.
 A time piece of course!( A Prima stencil.)
 Flowers, drawing the outlines with PITT Artist pens, then spreading the color quickly with a very wet paintbrush. I know what you're thinking, they are filled with india ink, they are permanent and waterproof how can that work? Well if you have coated it with gesso and work VERY QUICKLY you can move 
some of the color and still keep those drawn lines visible!
 Once it is dry I go back over and draw the faces with the PITT Artist Pens.
 Here is the finished result! 
I need to go find some red roses, 
or maybe white ones and paint some of them red! LOL!
I think I might add them to the bottom or the sides... 
not really sure but I think it will add
a little character to the piece!
What do you think?
And thank you for your input on the previous post!
I appreciate all your input!
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