Thursday, July 16, 2015

Annie From the Planner Team

Hi everyone, it's Annie here! I wanted to share with you all how I've been using my amazing Heart of Gold planner. 

Pockets are always a must for me, why? Because I LOVE to stock em full of cute goodies! When I stuff the pockets of my planners, it brings me joy every time I open up my planner. I usually stock the pockets with my favorite stamp set at the moment, note pads, stickers, and super cute clips. But do whatever works for YOU, stuff your pockets with what will be useful for you! There's no wrong way of doing this. So have fun with it!

Here's how I've used the weekly inserts in the planner. I used a roller date stamp to mark the dates on the inserts, from there I used stickers to help mark things down. For the tracking section, I used it for water, medicine, and vitamins. (:

And here's how I used this adorable floral sheet! I used the morning, afternoon, and evening section for crucial to-dos. I mostly use this sheet for list making or to-dos, the top section was used for my social media work. The great thing about this sheet is that it's completely customizable, you can use each section for whatever works for you. I used some embellishments to add some flair to the insert too. 

I hope you'll all enjoy how I've been using this planner! The great thing about the inserts of the heart of gold planner is that most of the sheets already have a cute design. It's great for those who don't enjoy too many embellishments or decorating! 

Have a wonderful week and I'll be back!

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