Monday, July 20, 2015

heart of gold planner for travel planning

happy Monday everyone! this is Lindsay writing again, and I can't wait to share my new planning style with you. being someone who uses multiple planners at once,  I have decided to dedicate this heart of gold planner to all things France related. At the end of August I will be traveling to France for a school exchange. I will be living there for four months! naturally, this kind of extended trip requires a lot of planning, and thankfully I consider myself to be a very good planner.

 first of all, Marion was sweet enough to send me this beautiful dashboard. I decorated it with a journaling card and some washi tape.

I am keeping some pretty bits of stationery in the pockets for planning on the go.

 One of my friends sent me some countdown stickers that are Paris themed.

I have placed one of the count down stickers on every day in my planner!

because this cute planner comes with so many different dividers, I was able to use two sets of inserts. the inserts with my countdown stickers are from a friend on Instagram, and I am using the marionsmithdesigns inserts for notes and finance related France things!

this is how I started the weekly insert. I used sticker letters to write July, and I filled in the 7 colours tabs with Monday - Sunday.

then I added washi tape and stickers, as well as my notes!

to see more photos of how I use this beautiful planner, check out my instagram @lindsayplans!
happy planning, xo

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