Monday, July 27, 2015

Ideas on what to carry in your planner

Greetings from California! It's me Florence from the planner team :) Happy Monday Funday to you all. I wanted to share with you a few ideas on what you can put in your planner pockets. 

Simple ideas on what to carry in your pockets: 
1. Stickers 
2. Washi Tape Samples
3. Gift card to your favorite coffee shop (who doesn't like planning and drinking your favorite beverage?)
4. Paper clips
5. Marion Smith Date Seals
6. Sticky notes 
7. Page Flags
8. Tags
9. To do lists
10. Ephemera or embellishment pieces

Although it does look pretty laid out, I also like to include things I'll actually use. I often change these maybe every month to a few times a month. Sometimes I leave my favorite items inside just because I can't part ways with it. What do you like to keep in your pockets??

Florence Antonette

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