Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bespoke Canvas & Burlap Albums with MSD

Who doesn't love the textural combination of creamy canvas and rustic burlap used together?  I was inspired to make these mini albums after seeing some on sale at Spotlight (NZ equivalent of Michaels - only on a much much smaller scale!!!).  Being a typical DIY crafter, I thought to myself that they would be simple to make, and sure enough they were!  And of course, what better papers and embellishments to use inside than MSD!

The front covers feature animal/insect motifs cut out of some left over fabric, and set the scene for what was inside.

The first one is done in pink tones, with Marion's Motley Collection being the perfect choice inside, and a dash of Mad Tea Party here and there.  See the cute teacup and saucer gracing the clock there?  A delightful little charm from MSD.

For the second album, I wanted more neutral tones, so Nivana was the logical choice, with more sweet little charms and embellishments scattered here and there.

Here is a collage of some of the inside pages of both albums.  They were super fun to create and stitch together.

Marion always includes a journaling style page in each collection which are just perfect for mini album pages, or part of.  For those of you who create using the pocket page system, you would love these too.

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  1. Maggie this is adorable. I love how you made your cover.