Monday, May 26, 2014

Layout | Meet Bella and Boomer by Angee Carter

I've been a dog lover ever since I could remember. My very first dog is named Teddy. He lives with my mom now. She baby sat Teddy for my honeymoon 3 years ago and now he's "her" dog. I'm perfectly ok with that. They have developed quite the bond and she loves him almost as much as I do. In these past 3 years I've grown to terribly miss the companionship of a pet and had been trying to convince hubby that we needed another animal in the house. 

A few weeks ago my co-worker, Janis, mentioned that she'd adopted another dachshund (Chloe) to be a companion with her dog, Roscoe and that when she took Chloe to the vet she found out that Chloe was pregnant with Roscoe's babies and she was looking for homes for the puppies. The sky seemed to just open up and rays of sunshine beamed down from heaven at that moment. I was thrilled. 

That night I told hubby about the puppies and he agreed to go meet them the following weekend. By the time the weekend came I was jumping with excitement. We met the puppies and fell in love with these two. Janis is an animal lover and she was very diligent in checking out her puppy parents to make sure they would provide a good home for the puppies. I've worked with Janis for the last 5 years and she is my mentor teacher so she knows hubs and I very well and knew we'd be the perfect puppy parents for these two cuties. We visited them every week until we could bring them home. We had to wait about 3 weeks before we could pick them up for good and now we are so in love with them. 

Now the scrapbooker in my couldn't wait that long before I started accumulating dachshund stamps. I have a good little collection of them now and Belle and Boom have their own scrapbook started!!! 

Enough with the introductions, let's get to the layout already. 

Here you can see one of the stamp sets I used on the layout and this gorgeous little card from the Marion Smith Designs cut-a-part sheet from the Never Grow Up Collection. Isn't that just adorable? When I saw this little card I knew I had to scrapbook these cuties. 

In this picture Hubs and were in Petsmart getting supplies for the puppies. Janis allowed us to take them out for the day so we could get better acquainted with them and them with us before they came home for good. Remember, I said she was diligent??! Lol. 

We were in the checkout line when I turned around and saw this cuteness. How could I not scrapbook this? I was so excited about it that I really didn't take much time with selecting the supplies. All of this was sitting on my scrap desk from other projects I have made recently and I just whipped it all together quickly so I could hang it up on my bulletin board. I love how things just work out like that sometimes, and I love that Marion's papers are so versatile and can be used in many different styles of crafting.

The background paper is from the Garment District line….It's the Remnants patterned paper. 

The D is for dog card is from the Never Grow up collection...It's the Wild & Free patterned paper. 

We've had the puppies for about 5 weeks now and they are so loving and cuddly. I totally forgot about having to potty train a puppy and having two of them certainly presents a challenge but when I see this picture of them cuddling while sleeping my heart just melts. 

Thanks for stopping by. This responsible  dog mom is headed to take the pups to the vet for more vaccinations. ;-)

Angee Carter


  1. O my goodness, so cute. I feel your pain. I'm potty training too. But just one!!!!! Good luck they look super sweet.

  2. so adorable!! What darling little subjects!

  3. beautiful layout - and a terrific story!

  4. Love your card(book)! So many nifty features you have added. You new additions are absolutely beautiful! It is so great to get them when they are siblings so they grow together since litter mates. Good Luck and perhaps talk to you soon! Sue (